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After your Colonic

After the colonic……

image8After your colonic treatment you can expect to feel lighter, brighter , less bloated , cleansed and have more energy. However, it is not unusual if you’ve had a really good evacuation to feel quite tired for about a day or so post treatment.

Sometimes however, because of toxic overload due to chronic constipation or ill health, fatigue or symptoms of headaches and tiredness may be experienced with the first treatment or even with the second. If this happens, after your colonic continue to hydrate and rest as this is important for the body to recalibrate itself.

You may feel the need to urinate more frequently after your colonic in the following few hours. Drinking water and other fluids helps to rehydrate and keep your subsequent stools soft and regular.

You may also find that there are no bowel movements for a day or two after the treatment , this is quite normal as the  the lower colon has been cleared of most of the solid waste and will take a few meals to resume normal bowel transit.

To optimise the benefits after your colonic , a diet of fresh foods, soups , salads ,chicken and fish for the next few days is advisable. Rich and or heavy food and should be limited directly after treatment. Avoid alcohol and yeast containing foods like mushrooms, peanuts, bread and other gas forming foods for a few days as the probiotics repopulate the gut after your treatment.

I advocate that you take a good multi strain probiotic or acidophilus to replace the intestinal flora removed from the gut by the irrigation. Probiotics are the good bacteria that maintains the balance in the gut and keep Candida to an acceptable level , cutting down the sugar and bread cravings.

How often one should have a colonic depends on your initial digestive complaint, we will discuss this at the end of your treatment. Usually after a course of 4 or 5 treatments it is recommended quarterly or whenever you feel the toxic load returning in order to maintain your bowel and digestive health. A change in the seasons, especially around Spring and the end of Summer is a good time for a digestive reset.

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