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Hydrotone Colonic Clinic Wandsworth

As valued past and future clients I appreciate your colonic enquiries, feel free to text, call or email to get in contact about bookings and information.

To contact me please leave a text message or drop me an email at veronica.aspland@btinternet.com.

People have colonics for lots of reasons, some are looking for relief from symptoms of IBS and other gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, constipation or diarrhoea whilst others simply want to maintain and improve their digestive health and enjoy the fresh, light feeling and enhanced energy levels that often come from colonic irrigation.

Your first appointment will usually last about an hour and a half and will include a free consultation, medical questionnaire and a full explanation of the equipment and procedure.
The treatment itself will last between 45 and 60 minutes and modern equipment is used which means that there is no mess or smells which can be off putting to say the least.
As your therapist I will work discreetly to protect your dignity at all times.
Once the treatment is concluded you will be allowed time to relax in the clinic with a warm mug of herbal tea of your choice to settle your stomach and thus ensuring you will not have an accident on the way home because you were rushed.

Please have a look at the specials that are on at the moment for courses of 3 and 4 treatments which are available until the end of September 2017.

I will contact you by returning your call or text as soon I can.

Telephone : 07787100435
Email : veronica.aspland@btinternet.com

During working hours I am often with clients so please leave a message and I will contact you at the earliest opportunity, to book an appointment call or text 07787100435



SW18 2EN

Hydrotone Colonic Clinic is located in Wandsworth is very convenient for clients travelling to Wandsworth via buses, car or the trains.
The 337 via Putney from Richmond to Battersea and 37 Putney Heath to Peckham
From Wimbledon the 156 goes to Vauxhall via Wandsworth.
From Putney Heath the 170 goes to Pimlico
The 87 goes from Wandsworth to Aldwich
Finally the 39 goes from Clapham to Putney.

To get Map/Directions to the Hydrotone Colonic Clinic please check the TFL website
for updated routes and times.

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