Hydrotone Colonic

wellness from within

wellness from within

wellness from within


Prices of initial treatment plus free consultation £75

Further treatments are £75 ( 45-60 mins) .

Specials for a finite period only! Ending in July 2017

Course of 3 treatments at £200 which is £67 per treatment when paid for upfront and taken within three weeks.

Course of 4 treatments at £250 when paid for upfront and taken within four weeks (Power Cleanse)

It will be my pleasure to put together a bespoke treatment course for your specific purpose after discussion at your first treatment.

Liver & Gall Bladder Flushes

Kidney Cleanses

Coffee Enemas

Herb Enemas

Detox packages with nutritional support of Adriana Baker a highly qualified Nutritionist at the Nutrivida clinic in Wandsworth .i.e with Adjunct support of meal replacements,supplements and colonic treatments over 5 days / 10 days / 14 days.

Juice detoxes to kick start your diet and exercise programme for weight loss/ wellbeing for a fantastic 2017!

In stock are bowel / indigestion supplements, as well as probiotic implants we offer other herbal enemas for gas and the spasmodic colon. The very popular and effective parasite enema is offered to remove these debilitating organisms.

Only disposable speculums are used but please ask at consultation for the very comfortable stainless steel one if you prefer which allows the speculum to be warmed and is very smooth to insert.

PLEASE NOTE : Terms and Conditions

LATE BOOKINGS ( 24 hr or less prior to treatment)

You will be asked to pay in advance by bank transfer to secure treatments which will be confirmed once payment is transferred.


Please note there is a strict no refund policy.If you have not taken your treatment within the specified period to be agreed at time of booking you will be sent a reminder , after which that treatment will be lost. After notification by the clinic and non attendance your treatment will be lost after one month of the course starting.