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About Me

    About me

    I am a highly qualified nurse specialist in a comfortable Private clinic in Wandsworth South West London. I possess three decades of nursing and medical knowledge specifically in Oncology and Breast Cancer Care.
    Further, with almost 15 years as a colonic irrigation practitioner I feel confident that I possess expertise needed to put you quickly at ease.

    At the Hydrotone Colonic Clinic, you will find a friendly and empathetic practitioner that truly has your wellbeing at the forefront of each session.
    My mission is to empower you to gain control over your constipation for example,
    and by doing so it involves you taking responsibility by for digestive health buy changing and improving things going forward.

    My approach to the treatment is to highlight how your diet, exercise and stress affect the way you cope with your digestion and ultimately the elimination process.

    At the Hydrotone Clinic the obvious is addressed and with over three decades of nursing and medical experience at my disposal, I am ready to happily point you in the right direction to optimise your general and specfic digestive health going forward.

    Feel free to get in touch to find out more about me and if I am the right therapist for you.
    Perhaps, it is for a general spring clean or detoxification programme for a specific digestive complaint? You know what your needs are.

    I am here to help…… Give me a call today
    I look forward to hearing from you


    Qualified Nurse,M.G.C.H,G.R.T, Dipl.Onc.BCN

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    Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
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    by Isabelle Day on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
    Thumbs up!

    I have had the colon hydrotherapy at Hydrotone Colonic Clinic about 6 times over the last year as part of a detox and rejuvenation program. Veronica is kind, generous, friendly and professional! She is amazing and the therapy has been highly beneficial to my health and my skin too 🙂

    I would highly recommend this place to anyone considering colon hydrotherapy.