What is a Coffee Enema?

A coffee enema is a therapeutic alternative process to cleanse the liver from its toxic load . An enema is an ancient tool used by many cultures to cleanse the bowels and implant herbs and other natural healing substances .

When coffee is used as an enema it does not have any stimulative effect on the body but cleanses it by going into the portal vein ,then on to the gastrointestinal tract and to the liver. The portal vein is the one that moves blood from your spleen through the liver, this allows your bile ducts to open and dump the toxins into the colon for evacuation.

How is it administered

Coffee enemas are best done after a colonic or a thorough bowel movement in order for the coffee to be retained in the bowel for 12-15 minutes.

The warm coffee is administered via an enema bucket with a very slim tube with a nozzle at the end. It is then infused very slowly and intermittently to allow the rectum to absorb between 1-2 litres of the coffee mixture.

Why coffee Enemas

When a coffee enema is suggested by a therapist it is when the client’s body is overloaded by toxins and the body is unable to cope. This is manifested by feeling constantly tired, sluggishness and generally feeling unwell .

The coffee enema contains vast amounts of Glutathione S transferase which is group of enzymes and our body’s master anti-oxidant which mops up the toxins.

This is why coffee enemas are deemed helpful as it is quick, not uncomfortable and thought to be very effective in causing the liver to dump the toxins into the colon for effective removal.

coffee enema kit

Veronica with Claire King

Is it Painful

Not at all. In fact it’s quite relaxing once enema is in the colon and you are lying waiting for 15 minutes for the solution to go through the process.

After the allotted time you are allowed to go to the bathroom where the fluid is expelled and you may have further bowel movements , leaving you feeling very light and clean.

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