Welcome and well done for taking the first step to restoring your health!

On arrival to the Hydrotone Colonic Clinic Wandsworth you will be warmly greeted by Veronica and asked to fill out a confidential colonic and medical questionnaire.

At the treatment your Guild trained therapist Veronica will familiarize you with the treatment room, where you will be made to feel comfortable and hopefully less nervous as the consultation progresses.


The consultation should last approximately 30 minutes- Blood pressure readings and weight are sometimes recorded as a baseline. Your needs are discussed and then the treatment process is fully explained.

Once changed you will be guided on to the couch and asked to lie on your left side with knees drawn towards your chest for the insertion of the disposable speculum.

Treatment couch

Once you are on your left side the disposable scope is gently introduced and attached to the hose and warm purified water is gently introduced into the rectum.

Using a special massage and various colonic techniques for about 45-60 minutes this opportunity is taken to advise you on the best way to get the most from your colonic treatment together with diet and lifestyle choices going forward.

In the case of severe constipation (no stool for 2 weeks or more) or dry rabbit like pebbles , another treatment may be recommended within a few days after the initial one,together with increased fluid intake of water the results can be amazing! This does not mean the initial treatment has not been successful only that you needed more hydration in order to remove the impacted material stored in the decending colon.

Advice is given on various herbs for different digestive complaints, but may I stress that you always take a good probiotic or acidophilus post treatment for at least two weeks daily to re-populate the flora of your intestine.

I hope this helps you in your decision to have a colonic at The Hydrotone Colonic Clinic in Wandsworth. I look forward meeting and working with you to achieve your goals.