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Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
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 40 reviews
by Stephanie on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic

If you're contemplating colonics, look no further than the Hydrotone Clinic, Veronica is just fabulous! She is so down to earth, and just lovely, putting you at ease from the moment you first make contact. I was very comfortable and relaxed throughout the process as Veroncia is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about colonics, taking the time to listen and also explaining everything about the procedure. Her dedication and commitment to the health and well-being of her clients shine through, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Veronica!

Thank you so much Stephanie, I really enjoy my job and look forward to meeting such amazing clients such your self. You make my job worthwhile. I look forward to seeing you in the future!

by Patricia Palmer-Williams on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Colonic Hydrotherapy

I have been to a couple of clinics over the years, my experience with Veronica was the best yet. Veronica is very informative throughout the process so you have an appreciation of what is going on in the treatment. Veronica was very positive, supporting throughout. I will definitely continue with my treatment at Hydrotone Clinic, I felt relaxed and secure particularly as Veronica is very warm and friendly. Good experience all round. Would 100% recommend this Clinic. Thank you Veronica for your professional service.


Thank you Patricia!

by Elsa on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Hydrotone colonic

First time I had a colonic done!! Veronica made me feel relaxed and comfortable talking me through it, making me feel more at ease. Veronica was very friendly, smiley, and very professional, I felt very comfortable. Definitely recommend 100%. Thank you Veronica.


by Regiani Do Rosario on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Colonic Hydrotherapy

I've been to her clinic for the famous Colonic Hydrotherapy. As many of us on this quarantine have gained weight and just before I start a 3 month diet, I decided I needed to do the colonic irrigation. This was my 2nd time doing, my first time over 5 years ago, so it was a about time. Veronica was lovely from start to end. She was very smiley and bubbly, talked me through about the treatment and what probiotic I should get. Thank you Veronica for your excellent work.

Thank you so much Regiani!

by Zalina on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic

I have known Veronica for many decades in the field of health care. Her big leap from her job as a nurse to setting her a successful home base clinic is truly courageous and inspiring to all. She is very passionate and professional about her work and knows exactly how to make her clients feel at ease. She is caring, supportive and understand the needs of her clients. Her services are outstanding and I know from experience your life will be transformed with more energy and vitality. My life changed after 2 sessions. Veronica was very good at listening to my fears & concerns during the initial stages. Throughout the procedure, she ensured that I was comfortable and made me smile the whole time.

Thanks again for your amazing service. Two thumbs up. I highly recommend Veronica‘s treatment to everyone.

Thank you Zalina. As a fellow alternative practitioner and health and beauty expert this validation means a lot to me.

by Meryam Licata on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Highly recommend

I highly recommend and praise this clinic. It's a small home based clinic and feels very cosy and comfortable. It doesn't have that cold clinical and impersonal atmosphere that can be a bit off putting. Veronica's approach is very nurturing and informative. On my first appointment she explained everything clearly to me and made me feel very relaxed. She also took to the time to listen and understand my health issues and treatment expectation and goals. I had a course of 4 treatments a while ago and just booked myself for another session recently while doing a liver cleanse. I'm very happy with the procedure and results. My skin is brighter and healthier, energy levels are higher and an overall great sense of well being. Most importantly it helps with treating my psoriasis, inflammation and redness of psoriasis patches is noticeably reduced. I will keep on seeing Veronica whenever I need a colonic treatment. She's so friendly and dedicated plus I always have interesting conversations with her during the treatment!

Thank you Meryam!

by Lu Wandsworth on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic

I have been coming to Veronica now for many years and I find her appointments are a highlight in my diary. She has the most wonderful manner- and immediately puts you at ease. I find I relax within seconds of arriving and she manages to lift my spirits whatever week I might be having! You can tell she has a training as a nurse as she has the most magic healing hands.

When I first came I had been on anti biotics for years which had stripped my gut. This gave me terrible IBS and lack of absorption. Veronica has completely healed me

I cannot recommend her more highly- she really is the most fantastic and experienced therapist.

Much appreciated Lu! See you soon .

by AS on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic

I have had colonics elsewhere but Veronica is so relaxing and reassuring. Not only that but she really seems to work to ensure that she gets the best results for you. Her calm and thorough approach makes you feel relaxed. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend her.

Thank you so much AS!

by Michelle on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Just do it!

Veronica is positively lovely! She is a dedicated and conscientious practitioner who really takes an interest in her patients. Chatting with her during procedures always makes me feel at ease so I can relax and really get the full benefit of the treatments. There are so many health benefits to doing colonics that even the healthiest of people can benefit from and I can’t recommend Veronica’s clinic enough. What are you waiting for?!

Thanks Michelle!

by SG on Hydrotone Colonic Clinic
Absolutely amazing!

I have been suffering from IBS for the last 2 years, where I get severe bloating, gas, abdominal pain and fatigue, as well as very irregular bowel movements. Over the years, I have been to a lot of very expensive specialists, tried every diet I was recommended and nothing eased my symptoms. When I came across the idea of having a colonic, I was a little nervous, however after meeting Veronica my mind was instantly put at ease. Her passion for helping comes across instantly, and there is no awkwardness whatsoever. She explains the entire treatment to you, the sensations you can expect to feel, and I find it a very relaxing experience. Straight after my first treatment I couldn't stop smiling - my stomach was a normal size again (which it hadn't been for 2 years!) and I was able to breath freely. It was absolutely incredible! I started having more regular bowel movements and the fatigue and pain are virtually non-existent! Veronica is such a lovely person who genuinely cares about the people she helps, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! For any IBS sufferers out there (or anyone feeling sluggish and weighed down), definitely give Veronica's colon hydrotherapy a go as it has worked absolute miracles for me. Thank you so much Veronica, I'm so happy to have a new lease on life!!!

Appreciated SG!

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My Guestbook is a true reflection of the satisfaction clients report about having colonics at the Hydrotone Colonic Clinic.
At the Hydrotone Colonic Clinic, you have access to answers to your digestive questions and also to have the time not afforded to you by medical practitioners. As my guestbook alluded I am patient and knowledgeable in all things digestive and an expert in elimination matters.

Most clients present with varying digestive complaints such as constipation, bloating, cramping and or flatulence to name a few.
Constipation which is characterized by the inability to empty the bowels regularly, the bowels should be emptied between one and three times daily.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is another, it is the most common of gastrointestinal conditions and is more common among women.
Candida Albicans is another common complaint, a common yeast that lives naturally in our bodies and in harmony in the flora of our intestines. In women, it is also found in the vagina and is often noticed when we take antibiotics. To counteract this side effect and keeping it in check, it is advocated that by increasing probiotics, the beneficial bacteria that co-exist with it is paramount.
Bloating is featured frequently in the comments from my guestbook, a real challenge without modifying the client’s diet and lifestyle.
Diarrhoea is another complaint and it is the passing of frequent, watery stools. It is a symptom that can be acute or chronic and is well treated with colonics.

Over the years I have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of my clients through frequent visits and follow-ups.
These relationships have fostered goodwill and the trust that has been beneficial to my credibility as a practitioner, especially with great reviews!

I hope my great reviews help your decision to visit my clinic.