The Post Christmas Detox That Works

You’ve eaten that last portion of turkey curry and taken your final slice of stilton. Now, starting the new year fresh and full of energy is your goal, but after the festivities you feel so tired and sluggish you’d rather slump on the sofa with an After Eight. Well, that’s hardly surprising, as the holiday period is probably the first time you’ve slowed down and realised how knackered you look and feel. So take action! Cleaning up and clearing out your body with a post Christmas detox is worth the effort, and the only way to begin 2020 with a bang.

At my Colonic Hydrotherapy practice, I’m proud to offer a range of detox packages that really work. And please don’t be put off by the word ‘detox’ – it’s been given a bad rap, with a recent study claiming that many detox regimes and products are a fad, and that the body is already perfectly capable of handling toxins. That’s true, it is an expert at looking after itself. But with the excesses of modern life : stress, work, pollution, processed food, sugar and alcohol it’s clear that we need to give ourselves a little extra help in order to avoid disease and degeneration. Think of a detox as hitting your body’s reset button. And it makes sense that eliminating waste and toxins will help you begin the new year with a clean slate.

At my clinic, I offer ready- made and bespoke packages to fit your needs perfectly, and I will guide and support you all the way through. Some of them are:

Juice Detox, which is great for kick-starting your exercise or weight loss programme
Liver Detox
Fasting – 1, 3 or 7 day water fasting

All of them are with my support to ensure that your body remains fit and well throughout. After the detox, you’ll have Colonic p to fully eliminate the toxins your body doesn’t want or need.

Or, you could simply choose to have Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions without fasting. This is an excellent way to rid yourself of that heavy, bloated feeling and you’ll be surprised how much lighter and energetic you feel afterwards.

So, put down that chocolate! This new year is the perfect time to give your body the break it deserves. Here are just a few benefits of a detox with colon cleansing:
A renewed ability to cope with stress. Ridding yourself of stimulants such as alcohol, sugar, refined food and caffeine gives your body a break and the chance to re-boot.
Improved digestion
Improved sleep quality
Cleansed liver and organs
Clearer skin
Increased energy and a spring in your step
Covid 19 has nothing on you! Take charge and give me a call today!
Veronica at Hydrotone Colonic on 07787100435.
I’m waiting to her from you..

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